Jamaican Beef Recipes
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Jamaican Beef Recipes

How to prepare Jamaican Beef Recipes

Jamaican beef Recipes are some of the most sought after Caribbean food recipes worldwide. Many chefs and Jamaican cooks whether preparing prime Jamaican beef cuts or veal use Jamaican beef recipes to add a new flavor to rather plain Jamaican beef recipes. But before you prepare that special Jamaican beef recipes there are a few important tips the Get Jamaica would like you know.

Use the best Jamaican beef Cuts

To prepare a great Jamaican beef recipe every chef must use the best cuts suited to the task and must never compromise on quality. Trim away excess and always follow cooking instructions and methods for the best results. If you are in North America the corn fed Jamaican beef of the mid-west and the grain fed Jamaican beef of Western Canada are reputed to be the best. Jamaican beef is best prepared with meats aged between 21-30 days. These are not usually found in the supermarkets but mostly at the butcher’s store. This is the first step in preparing a great Jamaican beef recipe.

Knowing when to season the Jamaican beef recipe.

When preparing a Jamaican beef recipe salting and Jamaican seasoning should be done when the recipe is almost finished. Adding the Jamaican seasoning to the recipe any earlier will tend to dry the food. This is common when preparing the famous oxtail Jamaican recipe. Jamaican seasonings are added when the meat has been tenderized whether by pressure cooking or using a meat tenderizer over a slow fire. When salting however caution must be exercised using Jamaican meat Jamaican seasonings or other Jamaican spices. These can be found in our Jamaican Food Store.

How to cook the Jamaican beef recipe.

Jamaican beef recipes are best prepared when cooked slowly or long roasted rather than over a quick high heat. Jamaican beef recipes are well done when braising, grilling sautéing or even boiling. Unfortunately for those Jamaican beef lovers who prepare recipes medium rare and rare, Jamaican beef recipes require that all meals are well done. There are however some chefs and Jamaican cooks who believe that meat not cooked well exposes guests to ecoli and too much other type of bacteria that lives in meat. There are two ways to prepare a good Jamaican beef recipe, first in a pressure cooker. This method will take approximately 20-30 minutes based on the amount of Jamaican beef being prepared. However be careful not to keep the Jamaican beef in the pressure cooker for too long or it will whittle away and there will be nothing left. What Jamaican cooks and chefs here in Jamaica call ‘mash out’.

The second method is to place the meat in a large sauce pan and brown the meat well on either side then to place water in the pot and cook down covered for almost 2-3 hours refilling the water every 15-20 minutes. This is almost like boiling the meat to tenderize it. You can learn other great tips about preparing Jamaican beef recipes that you can find in our Jamaican e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

But to be more specific Jamaican beef recipes are so sought after because in Jamaica there are approximately 450 Jamaican beef recipes that have been written by our in-house chefs and contributed by Jamaican cooks and chefs across Jamaica. Just over 550 of these Jamaican beef recipes have been published in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

The best Jamaican seasoning to use.

When preparing Jamaican beef recipes there are several Jamaican seasoning that Jamaican cooks and chef’s use. However depending on the recipe these will differ from time to time. Recipes-Jamaica has narrowed it down that in all 450 recipes there are several Jamaican seasonings and spices that are used in preparing Jamaican beef and veal recipes. Once you intend to prepare Jamaican beef recipes these Jamaican seasonings and spices are mandatory; Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Ginger, Meat Jamaican seasoning, Pimento & Thyme. You can buy any one of these Jamaican seasonings online in powdered form from our online food store.

So let’s review:

 ü        Always use the best Jamaican beef and veal cuts when preparing Jamaican beef recipes.

ü        Jamaican beef cuts should not be older than 21-30 days in aging to get the best results when preparing Jamaican beef recipes.

ü        Jamaican beef recipes are not prepared medium rare or rare but well done by being cooked in a pressure cooker or cooked down slowly in a large saucepan.

ü        There are over 450 Jamaican beef and veal recipes which use at least five major Jamaican seasonings in every single preparation.

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