Jamaican Drink Recipes
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Jamaican Drink Recipes

How to stay Sober When Using Jamaican Drink Recipes

Jamaican drink recipes can be very intoxicating and this article will help you to remain sober when partaking in these wonderful recipes, it is a must read for anyone who loves Jamaican drink recipes.

In the season for eating drinking and being merry or even out of the season some people will overdo consuming Jamaican drink recipes especially those with alcohol. Jamaican Drink Recipes Volume I has over 100 of these great recipes, but consuming these Jamaican recipes and even regular over the counter alcoholic drinks and beverages have very often fatal consequences. To help you consume Jamaican alcoholic beverages and Jamaican drink recipes Island Oven.Com has included some tips,

Water: Drink a lot of this Jamaican spring water is a great example. Alternate your Jamaican drink recipes with water to stay refreshed. This does not mean adding water to your Jamaican drink recipes but taking a glass of water between drinks, this also water downs the effect of the Jamaican alcoholic beverage and allows you to savor the taste of the Jamaican drink recipe.

Eat: Getting some great Jamaican food recipe in your system. Eat a Jamaican meal or snack before or while drinking,  this slows the alcohol absorption rate and allows you to enjoy the Jamaican drink recipe. This does not mean that you should consume a three course meal but some great Jamaican cocktail recipes or Jamaican hors díouvre recipes can slow the alcohol absorption rate to prevent you from becoming intoxicated.

Spacer: Use Jamaican non-alcoholic drink recipes as spacers between your Jamaican alcoholic beverages, can help pace yourself. Water can be used but other Jamaican drink recipes can also be used, such as ginger beer or a grapefruit juice and even the popular Jamaican sorrel drink recipe can be used.

Top ups: Avoid top ups on your Jamaican drink recipes so you can keep track of your unit intake. If you know ten Shandyís will get you going donít drink ten of these wily Jamaican drink recipes or take any top ups at all. Some Jamaican drink recipes use chasers but donít be fooled by the myth that chasers diminish the potency of Jamaican rums, they only add more liquid to your drink. So try not to top up.

Responsible mixing: Along with not topping up your Jamaican drink recipe, some mixtures just donít work.  Jamaican non-alcoholic drink recipes and some counter parts of alcoholic Jamaican beverages will cause distress more than pleasure and intoxicate easily. Serve Jamaican mixed drink recipes using standard drink measures and tested combinations. You can find a host of these in Jamaican Drink Recipes Volume I.

No drink mixing: If you have started dinking Red Stripe Beer, donít start drinking Heineken or Guinness or any of the over the counter beverage. This works the same for Jamaican drink recipes, you start a Jamaican Blue Bomber Drink Recipe donít start drinking a Steel Bottom or House Deck Jamaican drink recipe.

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