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Jamaican Quick Recipes

Jamaican 5-Minute Recipes

In todayís world individuals are always on the move and it might be hectic to prepare a great meal in a short space of time. Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III documents over 250 authentic Jamaican recipes that take about 5-10 minutes to prepare. There is an art to preparing these easy gourmet recipes and they actually fall into three major categories, Jamaican breakfast, Jamaican lunch and Jamaican dinner easy gourmet recipes.

Jamaican 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes

There are a lot of Jamaican leftovers recipes that make up this category and there are also great original recipes that take a short time to prepare. One must also remember that every Jamaican meal should allow for the right healthy meal every morning to eat. Jamaican recipes that comprise of a Jamaican fruit salad are possibly the most famous of an Easy Gourmet meal. A few slices of an Jamaican apple, Jamaican banana, melon, Jamaican naseberry, Jamaican guava, pineapple, Jamaican mango, Jamaican papaya (paw-paw), orange and/or tangerine make a really great Easy Gourmet fruit salad Jamaican breakfast. Other great Jamaican breakfast recipes use other major favorites, eggs, bacons and sausages. These are combined with the cheese and butter and toasted bread slices. Now let us assume that we use some of these ingredients with a leftover, Jamaican chicken, Jamaican beef, Jamaican pork, Jamaican mutton, Jamaican shrimp and/or lobster dinner from the previous night. This leads to a great recipe in the early morning.

One of Get Jamaicaís favorite Easy Gourmet Jamaican breakfast recipes is the Jamaican Beefy Jamlette. This Jamaican Omelets with sliced left over beef is a great early morning breakfast. Once you know the Jamlette Recipe, you can quickly warm up and slice the beef into strips then add these strips to the Jamlette. This is one of the tastiest Jamaican recipes and it is as close to what is know as steak and eggs. Other great leftover Jamaican Easy Gourmet recipes such as Jamaican  Negril Lobster Tails Wrapped in Bacon or Jamaican Curried Mutton & Sausages. Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III has 100 Jamaican breakfast leftover recipes that are sure to be tasty.  You can also visit our Jamaican Recipe Collection and get two other favorite Jamaican Easy Gourmet recipes.

Jamaican Easy Gourmet Lunch & Brunch Recipes

Unlike Easy Gourmet breakfast recipes, Jamaican lunch and brunch Easy Gourmet recipes are in no way affiliated to Jamaican leftover recipe meals. These mainly consist of the use of tinned meat such as Jamaican corned beef, tuna, sausages, mackerel, pink salmon, luncheon meat and a host of other tinned food that can be used to make gourmet Jamaican meals that one would possibly think would have taken at least two to three hours. Get Jamaica has found out that the trick of this is cooking down the meal with the Jamaican seasonings quickly after opening the tinned meat. One of the most amazing aspects of the Jamaican Easy Gourmet Lunch & Brunch Recipes is that you can quickly prepare servings for one to even ten individuals within the 5-10 minute window. We have touched on the meat however the side dishes that go along with these meals are also easily prepared. Letís take for example boiled dumplings which take about 3-5 minutes to need and another 5 minutes to boil. This can be easily served with a Bulli Beef Casserole or a Kingston Style Mackerel. Great sandwiches make a part of these great Jamaican Easy Gourmet Lunch & Brunch Recipes. These are recipes that are great with leftovers. Recipes such the Jerk-Witch, which combines Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Pork & Fish with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, green peppers, onion rings and some Jamaican jerk sauce between two slices of hard dough bread.

 Jamaican Easy Gourmet Dinner Recipes

These Jamaican recipes are close to the Lunch and Brunch Recipes. However these Jamaican recipes are on the top of the list for all the women who are just too busy to make that three course meal for dinner. These Jamaican dinners are not in the canned meat section. These are regular meals that are easy to prepare that donít have all the bells and whistles that the regular recipes have. The real trick about these recipes is that they rarely have a side dish. One famous Jamaican recipe is the Kingston style fried chicken wings. These take about ten minutes to prepare. The chicken is dipped in egg yolk and then dipped in the special bread crumbs with thyme and shredded escallions with a dash of jamaican pimento. They are then placed in an already hot pot of oil and fried to crisp. This is a great favorite as a special hors díouevre. If you would like to prepare a full three course easy gourmet recipe menu in just less than 45 minutes Get Jamaica has put together a great menu that can be looked after simultaneously that will have your guests impressed with your choice of pates.

Full Course Easy Gourmet Recipe Menu

Appetizers: Kingston style fried chicken wings, Fried Bammy (Cassava) sticks and Mannish water. Main Course: St. Elizabeth Style Battered Shrimp, Steamed Fish Fillet & Port Royal Grilled Lobster Tails. Dessert: Mango Slush, Blue Mountain Coffee Late, Sour sop Slush & Butter Scotch.

Jamaican Fish recipes are the easiest to prepare as they donít take a long time to prepare and are prevalent in the e-cookbook Jamaican Easy Gourmet Recipes Volume I.

So letís review:

Ł        Jamaican Easy Gourmet Breakfast Recipes use a lot of leftover meals from the night before.

Ł        Jamaican Easy Gourmet Lunch & Brunch Recipes use a lot of canned meats and have a lot of sandwiches and all are listed in the -cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

Ł        Jamaican Easy Gourmet Dinner Recipes are mainly fish dinners that are easy to prepare and donít use a lot of side dishes.

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