Income Tax In Jamaica
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Jamaican Income Tax 101

Income Tax Returns In Jamaica

Every Jamaican company and or Jamaican individual that earns an income or salary that exceeds JMD$193,440 per year is required to file Jamaican income tax returns or what is better known as Jamaican PAYE (Pay As You Earn).  Jamaican companies, Jamaican partnerships, Jamaican self-employed individuals are all subject to Jamaican income tax law which is stated in the Jamaican Income Tax Act. The Jamaican Income Tax Act is amended periodically to move threshold amounts and to either increase or reduce the Jamaican tax bill on the Jamaican public.

Even if each category of required Jamaican taxpayer have suffered a loss they are required to forward a Jamaican tax return. A Jamaican person in employment with no other source of income who believes that all his Jamaican statutory taxes is deducted by his employer and whose name appears on the employer's annual return or Jamaican P35 need not file. All Jamaican taxpayers should obtain a Jamaican Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) from the Taxpayer Registration Centre (TRC) or any Jamaican Revenue Services Centre. Jamaican companies should complete the registration Form (AU 28) which is available at the Jamaican Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department.

Jamaican employers should complete the P.50 Form which may be obtained from the Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department or the Jamaican tax Collector, while Jamaican employees - the employers should complete the particulars of Employee Form P. 46 which is available at the Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department or Collectorates and submit same to the Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department. If any Jamaican has more than one Jamaican TRN, then they should advise the Jamaican Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department (TAAD) and the Taxpayer Registration Centre TRC at once.  The Department will advise you of the correct Jamaican revenue number you should use.

At all times,  Jamaican taxpayers should quote their Jamaican TRN on all returns and correspondence to the Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department, and all other departments and should inform the Jamaican Taxpayer Audit & Assessment Department if you need to change your business address. The Jamaican TAAD should be advised immediately of the new address to update your files with.

To facilitate the importation of overseas Jamaican goods a Jamaican company or a Jamaican individual must have a Tax Certification Compliance Certificate or what is known as a Jamaican TCC. To obtain this all Jamaican companies, Jamaican self-employed individuals, other Jamaican bodies and Jamaica employees with other sources of income must file a Jamaican Income Tax Return for the previous year and also indicate the estimated Jamaican income tax for the current year by the 15th of March.

This estimated Jamaican income tax return should be paid quarterly to the Collector of Taxes by March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. The Jamaican government imposes stiff penalties on Jamaican companies and Jamaican individuals that attempt to wilfully file erroneous Jamaican income tax returns or attempt to evade the taxes. The Jamaican Commissioner of taxes may send you an estimated assessment inclusive of penalty. The Jamaican commissioner may issue a court summons for the Jamaican company or the Jamaican individual to have criminal charges brought against them.

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