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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican Recipes on the Go

Jamaican food recipe have traditionally been known as spicy and heavily cooked or prepared with lots of oil. Today’s Jamaican cooks and chefs have developed methods of preparing great tasting Jamaican recipes that keep the authentic Jamaican flavor but are healthy as well. This is achieved in how the meal is prepared whether baking, broiling, braising or jerking. Also the natural Jamaican seasonings used and how they are added to the Jamaican recipe determine how healthy these recipes are. This recipe explores how Jamaican recipes are prepared to become healthy.

With the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, persons are becoming increasingly aware of the perils of bad eating habits, especially with Jamaican food recipes. Obesity, diabetes and hypertension are on the increase and as such individuals are actively seeking healthier Jamaican food alternatives. In today's fast-paced society where time is scarce, convenience reigns supreme, and so fast Jamaican food will remain in the favor of those seeking to eat in a hurry. Therein the problem lies - fast Jamaican food is rarely healthy.

The intention to eat more wholesome Jamaican foods is noble in theory, but in practice, its feasibility comes into question. For the idea to be workable, eating Jamaican food healthily should be as convenient as eating 'unhealthily'. If a fast food Jamaican restaurant wishes to retain the patronage of consumers who intend to change their diets, then its Jamaican food menu must include items which appeal to their new tastes. Jamaican food such as Jamaican vegetable patties Jamaican soy-based product, to its offerings. The Jamaican Power Patty Recipe is a substitute for the meat-filled Jamaican patties, and is a jam-packed Jamaican vegetable-content product.

It is best to tailor-make your Jamaican menu to include healthier Jamaican food choices. Whole-wheat Jamaican recipes, both Jamaican meat and Jamaican vegetable filled, as well as the vegetable patty. Jamaican Jerked chicken, which is known to be a healthier alternative to the Jamaican fried chicken recipe, should be eaten at least once a week. Jamaican Jerked chicken recipe is the signature product of Jamaica and this along with their Jamaican roasted fish recipes and Jamaican natural juices, make for good eats for those wishing to please their palates in a hurry while maintaining a healthy Jamaican diet.

Jamaican fast food restaurants have been made the scapegoats for the obesity epidemic that now plagues many countries. Consequently, these restaurants have been forced to add more wholesome Jamaican products to their menus in order to maintain their customer base. A number of these restaurants in Jamaica has altered the way it sells 'combos'. Consumers can now opt to have a Jamaican side salad with their combos, rather than the traditional French fries, at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, the healthier Jamaican food alternatives tend to be more expensive than the less healthful choices. Here are some tips on eating healthily at a fast food restaurant.

1.      No matter how tempted you feel do not 'super size', 'go large' with your Jamaican fast food meal.

2.      Don't allow the cashier to influence you to add any Jamaican food recipe to your order.

3.      Do not have cheese with your Jamaican sandwich or Jamaican burger recipe.

4.      If they serve Jamaican sandwiches or Jamaican burgers, ask for whole wheat bread or buns if available.

5.      Opt for Jamaican spring water, or Jamaican natural juices recipes without added sugar rather than sodas.

6.      Avoid cream-based Jamaican salad dressings. They are very fatty, thus defeating the purposes of eating the Jamaican salad recipe. Instead, try a vinegar-based emulsion with your Jamaican salad recipe.

7.      Use as little Jamaican condiments as you can. ketchup, mustard and such, are rife with sugars and fat.

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