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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican Sunday Dinner Recipes

Jamaican Sunday dinners are a renowned tradition kept by Jamaican even if they have migrated to other countries. The Jamaican Sunday dinner is characterized by the traditional main course of any Jamaican chicken recipe and the famous Jamaican rice & peas recipe. Get Jamaica has investigated what are the heritage and the tradition of the Jamaican Sunday dinner and found that it goes as far back as the early 1700’s.

The Sunday dinner was actually a British tradition that was adopted by afro-Jamaicans. On particular sugar plantations the master would send leftovers from their Sunday dinners to the slaves. These leftovers were at times enough to feed an entire family three or four times for the week. This practice was carried on when slaves were freed and moved off the plantation. The slaves prepared grand meals on Sunday evenings in an attempt to mimic their slavers before.

Jamaican Sunday dinners are usually focused on the main course, individuals will title dinners as a fish Sunday dinner or a chicken Jamaica Sunday dinner. Undoubtedly the most popular dinner is the Jamaican Sunday Chicken dinner recipe. This dinner recipe is undoubtedly used by most Jamaican homemakers on Sundays; however there are several other less orthodox recipes that are used by chefs and cooks across the island. Get Jamaica has listed five of the more popular main course Jamaican recipes in our Jamaican Sunday dinner menus.  

The most neglected aspect of the Jamaican Sunday dinner is the side dishes. Usually the main one is rice and peas and a healthily serving of gravy. However over the years Jamaican cooks and chefs have become more ingenious about what they prepare as side dishes for Jamaican Sunday dinners. Using most of Jamaica’s staple foods such as Jamaican green bananas, Jamaican cassava, Jamaican potatoes, Jamaican callaloo, Jamaican breadfruits, Jamaican yams and even Jamaican cauliflowers are some of the great and new trademark Jamaican recipes. Coupled with the main course and side dishes, some Jamaican homemakers make it there point of duty to prepare appetizers and desserts. If the Jamaican Sunday dinner main course is the gala of almost all Jamaican dinner recipes then the Sunday dinner appetizers and desserts are no different. These are also built on great tasting Jamaican appetizers and desserts. 

Jamaican Sunday Dinner Recipes:
Jamaican Sunday Recipe Menu 1
Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres: Callaloo Fritters recipe, Ackee & Salt fish on Breadfruit Chips recipe, Mannish Water and Banana Fritters recipes.
Main Course: Westmoreland Style Curried Mutton Recipe , Jamaican Stewed Beef Recipe, Port Royal Steam Fish Fillet, St. Ann Style Brown Stew Chicken.
Dessert: Sour sop Ice-cream recipe, Julie Mango Ice Cream recipe, St. Thomas Coconut Pudding recipe, Portland Pick-mi-up (Coffee Drink) recipe
Jamaican Sunday Recipe Menu 2
Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres: St. Elizabeth Coconut Shrimp recipe, Cocktail Curried Patties recipe, Hellshire Crab backs recipes and Callaloo Fritters recipes.
Main Course: St. Ann Baked Stuffed Fish Recipe, St. Thomas Brown Stew Fish Recipe, and Negril Style Curried Shrimp and Mandeville Style Jerk Lobster.
Dessert: Jamaican Forrest Cake recipe, Orange Cake recipe, Carrot Cake recipe, Currant Cookies recipe.
Jamaican Sunday Recipe Menu 3
Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres: Boston Jerk Spicy Wings, Jamaican Beef Hot Rods, Breadfruit Chips and BBQ Dip, Cocktail Shrimp, Beef and Lobster patties.
Main Course: Negril Style Fried Drumsticks, St. Elizabeth Style Curried Mutton, Rice & Peas and Kingston Style Rum Cake.
Dessert: Jamaican Fruit Salad, Grape Fruit Delight and Sour sop Ice Cream & Mango Ice Cream.
Jamaican Sunday Recipe Menu 4
Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres: Fillet Codfish Fritters recipe, Montego Bay Curried Ackees recipe, Fish Tea and Coco Fritters recipes.
Main Course: Ocho Rios Jerk Chicken Recipe, Rocky Point Roast Fish Recipe, Negril Style Stewed Pork Recipe, Mandeville Style Curried Mutton.
Dessert: Coffee Cake recipe, Orange Cake recipe, Carrot Cake recipe, Currant Cookies recipe.
Jamaican Sunday Recipe Menu 5
Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres: Jamaican Diploma (Plantain Wrapped with Bacon) recipe, Jerk Pork with Dip, Jerk-BQ Chicken Wings Recipe.
Main Course: Ocho Rios style fricassee chicken, sweet beef soup recipe, ackee & salt fish recipe, escoveitched fish sticks recipe, Rice & Peas, Boiled Breadfruit, White Rice and Steamed Vegetables.
Dessert: Grape Fruit Delight, Jamaican Forrest Cake recipe, Orange Cake recipe, Carrot Cake recipe & Mango Ice Cream.

Some of these recipe menus are used for special occasions and are our premier recipe menus. Get Jamaica has put together over 150 great recipe menus in our recipe menu section for whatever special occasion, with the location of each recipe in each section of the recipe collection. The most notable aspect of the Jamaican diet is that chicken is the possibly the most consumed food in Jamaica. This is why chicken recipes are such a major addition to every Sunday dinner recipe.

 So let’s review:

 ü        Jamaican Sunday dinner recipes started from a British tradition of having large Sunday dinners that were passed down from the plantation owners to the slaves and kept when the slaves were freed.

ü        Jamaican dinner recipes usually focus on the main course but both appetizers and desserts are important as well.

ü        Get Jamaica has put together over 150 great recipes that can be used in the Jamaican Sunday dinner.

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