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Jamaican Articles - Preparing Jamaican Poultry Recipes

Jamaican poultry recipes usually fall between specific ranges of Jamaican poultry types. These are primarily chicken, turkey, duck and rarely quail for those bird bush shooters who like to eat what they hunt. We have put together ten tips on how to prepare Jamaican poultry prior to putting together any Jamaican recipe.

Let the Jamaican poultry meat to defrost naturally.

After removing the Jamaican poultry meat from the refrigerator or deep freezer, most chefs place the meat in water or set it in a microwave oven to be defrosted. This is actually not the best way to do this. Primarily, leaving the Jamaican poultry meat in water makes it water logged or soaked. Secondly, do not use a microwave; this will dry out the Jamaican poultry meat leaving it too dry and trashy. Place the Jamaican poultry meat in an air tight container and allow to defrost throwing off the water occasionally, to ensure that soaking does not take place.

De-bone the Jamaican poultry meat.

De-boning the Jamaican poultry meat is a bit tricky. First clean the meat well and allow drying or wiping it dry. Then position the Jamaican poultry with the back upwards and cut through skin on the backbone from the neck to the tail with a sharp pointed knife. Thirdly cut off the wing tips and cut skin from around the cut off portion of the wing tips. Next, cut skin around the legs to allow the meat to slip off the bones. Working from the cut on the back, remove flesh as far as center front, working from right to left. Remove the wing and thigh bones from inside, scraping downwards; do not cut through the skin over the breast bone. Turn the Jamaican poultry around and work on the other half. Push the skin of the legs and wings inside. Cur away the rear ends of the Jamaican poultry. Wash and dry the Jamaican poultry and then prepare to season. The bones can be used for great soups.

Clean and wash the Jamaican poultry meat properly.

Before preparing any Jamaican poultry recipe, the Jamaican poultry must be cleaned by washing. To wash the Jamaican poultry meat both vinegar and water must be used in combination. Washing the Jamaican poultry meat in vinegar removes the raw smell that accompanies Jamaican poultry meat. Preparing the Jamaican poultry meat without doing this will leave the Jamaican poultry meat with a raw smell that no seasonings as strong as they might be, can remove. This is a key tip when preparing any Jamaican poultry meat for consumption. Not only does vinegar help to remove the smell but studies have shown that vinegar helps to remove some ecoli bacteria that are found in dead Jamaican poultry meat. Sometimes for some types of Jamaican poultry soaking in vinegar and water are highly recommended. Though some chefs do employ this practice they don not follow through to the second and as important factor of allowing the Jamaican poultry to dry. Before doing anything else the Jamaican poultry must be allowed to stand in an airtight container to dry. Drying can take up to 12 – 15 minutes. This is imperative as it can affect the final taste of the Jamaican recipe.

Always use key seasonings.

There are three seasonings that must be used when preparing any Jamaican poultry recipe. The first is garlic. Garlic being a natural anti-biotic adds to diminishing the threat of ecoli presence and also adds a natural flavor to the recipe. It can be used to desired taste or used just enough in the Jamaican recipe that it is not tasted at all in the final recipe.

The second key seasoning is salt. Salt is not always used as there can be both medical and religious reasons why. However salt adds flavor and removes what is known as that fresh taste. Though some level of salt is found naturally in some Jamaican poultry’s, most Jamaican poultry recipes require that it is used. Get Jamaica does highly recommend its use. Our Jamaican Food Glossary speaks to the benefits of the salt compound to the human body.  The third and final key seasoning is black pepper powdered seasoning. This seasoning is used sparsely to add a preliminary peppered or spice taste. It is used as desired or based on the type of guest to consume the food. Most if not all Jamaican poultry recipes use black pepper. Of the 1,370 Jamaican poultry recipes documented in the e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III, 95% use black pepper as a key ingredient. Using these seasonings must be done as soon as the Jamaican poultry is dried after washing. If the Jamaican poultry is dried, place these seasoning on the Jamaican poultry and let it stand for at least 5 to 10 minutes to allow them to soak in.

Use a Jamaican poultry tenderizer.

Using a Jamaican poultry tenderizer is key in preparing a great Jamaican poultry recipe. To do this try and use a natural Jamaican poultry tenderizer, such as a spice based powdered Jamaican poultry tenderizer. You can pick up one of these at the supermarket or even on line at our Jamaican Food Store Hub. This will get your Jamaican poultry to almost a melting state that will not allow the Jamaican poultry to keep its shape. It is important not to use too much Jamaican poultry tenderizer as this can ‘mash out’ the Jamaican poultry into almost a soup like appearance.

Allow the seasoned Jamaican poultry to remain overnight.

In allowing the Jamaican poultry to remain overnight will ensure that the seasoning soaks right through the Jamaican poultry. This gives the recipe a much better taste when served. All the seasonings can be tasted in one bite and the blend creates a unique taste which can be termed as the authentic Jamaican taste.

Store the seasoned Jamaican poultry in the refrigerator in an air tight container.

Get Jamaica cannot express how importance. This reduces exposure to deadly microscopic bacteria that can make a great recipe into a dangerous weapon. A Ziploc bag or a sealed container with the Jamaican poultry in the refrigerator can achieve this purpose.

So let’s review:

 ü        All Jamaican poultry recipes are great when properly seasoned and prepared.

ü        All Jamaican recipes focus on great smell, great presentation and great taste.

ü        Get Jamaica has over 300 Jamaican poultry recipes in its Jamaican Recipe Collection.

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