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Jamaican Articles -Protein in Jamaican Recipes

When eating Jamaican recipes and Jamaican food is your Jamaican food protein intake. Advanced training techniques, killer workouts, the best Jamaican fruits and Jamaican vegetables and the best Jamaican food multivitamins you are consuming - mean nothing if you've not got your Jamaican food protein intake right in the Jamaican food recipes. Jamaican food protein is what muscles are made up of.

Every one needs to consume sufficient Jamaican food protein in their Jamaican food diet the building blocks of your muscle if you wish to grow more muscle. Unfortunately, most people donít even those who have been working out for many years and then they wonder why they aren't growing like the guy next to them in the gym, and eventually give up.

Perhaps it would help you understand if you realize how your muscles grow in the first place. Did you know, that your muscles don't grow in the gym when you're working out - but when your body is at rest? It's true. That 'pumped' and enlarged muscle feeling you get during your workout isnít growth taking place - it's the feeling of your muscles getting engorged/filled with more blood - thus, the pumped effect.

During your weightlifting and strength training workout, your muscles are getting broken down. This is basically stimulating growth. Then, in order to rebuild and repair your muscles after that (growth), your body needs Jamaican food protein - and it needs enough! So, we go to the gym not to grow muscle, but to stimulate/trigger muscle growth. :)

So, how much Jamaican food protein does your body need if you wish to grow muscle? This depends entirely on body size, including the amount of bodybuilding training done. A universally accepted formula, however, is to take about 1 gram of Jamaican food protein per pound of lean body weight.

So, if you weigh 60kg, multiply that by 2.2 to get your weight in pounds. 60 x 2.2 = 132lbs. Which means, you need 132g of Jamaican food protein a day. (If you weigh 60kg but are overweight - you may want to estimate your lean bodyweight lesser than 60kg). So, for the example above, whether or not consuming any more than this would bring you any benefits is another issue altogether, but any lesser won't give you good and fast gains and thatís for sure. Donít mistake this for a Jamaican food protein diet - it's not. It's just a Jamaican food diet rich in Jamaican food protein which will help your body recover efficiently and sufficiently from your workouts. Get your Jamaican food protein intake right before you even consider supplementing with other healthy Jamaican food.


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