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Jamaican Articles - Salt Jamaican Food Recipes

Using salt in Jamaican food recipes is almost essential unless opted out. In almost every Jamaican recipe in our e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Edition 3 salt is a key ingredient except in the chapter titled Jamaican Rastafarian Recipes. Here are the ten facts about using salt in Jamaican recipes that every cook or chef should know.

- Salt is essential to human life, responsible for hundreds of vital functions in the human body and should be added to desire in Jamaican recipes.

- The average adult consumes about 10 grams of salt each day in Jamaican food recipes.

- An adult should consume at least than 6 grams of salt each day in Jamaican recipes which translates as 2.5g sodium. Children need less than this, and babies under the age of one should not have any salt added to Jamaican food recipes.

- On a label salt may be described as salt or sodium. Often Jamaican foods are labeled as sodium because the figure is smaller, making the Jamaican food seem lower in salt.

- Salt intake comes mainly from processed Jamaican food. If you avoid processed Jamaican food and cook from home, it is acceptable to add salt to your Jamaican food recipes.

- The Jamaican food industry has been reluctant to reduce salt levels in Jamaican food as this would reduce sales of Jamaican drink beverages as the saltier our food, the more we drink.

- A high salt intake in Jamaican food recipes may result in high blood pressure or hypertension. In Jamaica almost one tenth of the population has high blood pressure, which triples the risk of developing heart disease, heart attack and stroke which is why high salt intake is not encouraged by cooking the Jamaican recipes with salt but adding it to allow the guest to add desired levels.. Hypertension may not present any symptoms, and so you need to have your blood pressure checked regularly.

- Jamaican bread is the single highest Jamaican food dietary source of salt. There are now reduced salt Jamaican breads available. If you suffer with hypertension it is a good idea to make your own salt-free Jamaican bread recipe.

- Sea water contains 2.5g of salt per 100g, so do some Jamaican breakfast recipes. Your Jamaican cereal recipe may contain a hidden source of salt. Shredded wheat and also oats contain only trace levels of salt.

- Natural sea salt contains as many as 80 minerals needed by the human body. Refined Jamaican table salt, widely available in Jamaican supermarkets is chemically treated, and the beneficial minerals are removed. Aluminum silicate is often added; aluminum is toxic to the human nervous system

Every cook and chef must know their limits when preparing Jamaican food recipes with salt as this why we encourage all our chefs and cooks who use our Jamaican recipes who are cooking for large numbers of people to use a limited amount of salt unless so desired by the majority of people in that party. It is always better to allow the guest to add salt to their desired levels.

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