Special Jamaican recipes require a special techniques, this article reviews those skills needed.
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Jamaican Articles - Special Jamaican Recipe

Learn to prepare Special Jamaican recipes

Any event manager, whether wedding or party planner will tell you that the beverages and meals served at your event will either make or break that special occasion and make your event a memorable success or a forgettable disaster. Whether a cocktail party, Jamaican breakfast, brunch or dinner they are Jamaican recipes that fit the bill. This allows you to give an exotic Jamaican taste to your event that will leave your guests definitely taking a doggie bag before they leave. Let’s look on these Jamaican recipes by category:

Jamaican Hors D'oeuvres

There are a vast number of Jamaican recipes for hors d'oeuvres. Jamaica-recipes.Com recommends that at any one event three Jamaican recipes are used. These are a combination of the following Jamaican tastes and flavors, spicy and peppery, mild and saucy and dry with multiple dips. Spicy and peppery is renowned in Jamaican recipes. Most chefs believe that every Jamaican recipe must be prepared in this fashion, but this should not be the case. Any Jamaican recipe prepared too peppery takes away from the real flavor of the recipe while using too much of any one sauce or seasoning will drown out the taste of the other Jamaican seasonings which when blended together give the Jamaican recipe that unique taste. The more popular spicy and peppery hors d'oeuvres include the Jamaican Peppered Shrimp or prawns recipe, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings recipe, Jamaican Jerk Fish Sticks recipe and the Jamaican Spicy Crab Back recipe. These spicy Jamaican recipes give guests just a tantalizing taste of what is to follow in the main meals to be served.

Mild and saucy Jamaican hors d'oeuvres recipes are used to give guests the option of taking a mild serving or just a saucy serving. Mild and saucy Jamaican hors d'oeuvres include Jamaican finger sandwiches, filled sandwiches and small kebabs. There are several famous mild servings such as Jamaican pizza sandwich recipe, Jamaican cocktail patty recipe, Jamaican gizzada recipe, Jamaican coconut cake recipe, Jamaican plantain tart recipe and Festive cheese balls. Saucy Jamaican recipes include codfish balls, sausage and Jamaican beef ball kebab, Jamaican salt fish fritters and codfish fritters. Dry and dip Jamaican recipes are Chef Doreen’s personal favorite as a Jamaican hors d’oeuvre. These are mainly chips that are accompanied by a spicy and peppery and a mild dip. These include breadfruit chips and or coconut chips accompanied by an onion dip or a lemon flavored dip which is absolutely to die for.

Jamaican Main Course Meals & Jamaican Dessert Recipes

When preparing Jamaican recipes for any guest attendance over ten individuals every chef must ensure that all meals are relatively easy to prepare strong in Jamaican flavor and taste. If you are having a buffet style meal such as one served at a wedding then the ideal recipes are Jamaican jerk chicken breast strips recipe, Jamaican style curried goat recipe, Jamaican escoveitched fillet fish recipe and Jamaican roasted pork recipe. For the sides raw Jamaican vegetables along with Jamaican steamed cabbage and Jamaican callaloo, with rice and peas, fried bammy strips with festivals and dumplings. The ideal Jamaican dessert recipe should be your Jamaican Wedding Cake recipe. There are numerous Jamaican recipes found in Jamaican cake recipes Volume I in our Jamaican Cookbook Collection. You can download your copy or find a few of these in our Jamaican recipe Collection.

Chef Doreen took the liberty of recommending a few top class Jamaican recipes for each special occasion. This can be found in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III

So let’s review:

ü        Special occasion Jamaican recipes span over cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, main course meals and desserts.

ü        Jamaican recipe hors d’oeuvres must be a mixture of spices and seasonings not too spicy and not too mild.

You can find all special occasion and holiday Jamaican recipes in our e-cookbook collection.

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