Jamaican recipes packed with vitamins are very healthy and delicious.
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Jamaican Articles - Vitamin Packed Jamaican Recipe

Jamaican recipes are healthy and filled with nutrients

Most health guides will tell you that eating a healthy meal is the start to living and leading a healthy life. This means that you must of course have a healthy diet that will provide the good nutrition that the body needs. Get Jamaica has reviewed a lot of these guides and has realized that this depends solely on the individual’s life style which will determine exactly what a health diet for that individual will entail.

Vitamins are chemical compounds of definitive composition found in natural foods. Since each vitamin has a specific function in maintaining good health and adequate daily amount of each is essential. An insufficient amount of any one vitamin will lead to definitive diseases which can only be cured by restoring consumption of that vitamin.

Get Jamaica has put together a list of the healthiest recipes in our e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III. This article will outline which of our top twenty most famous recipes are packed with which vitamins. To also find out more on the use of these vitamins you can visit our Jamaican Food Glossary.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe: This is a combination of herbs and spices used spread on chicken which is then cooked on a hot grill. The Jamaican herbs and spices such as scallion, Jamaican onions, Jamaican thyme, Jamaican pimento, Jamaican paprika, Jamaican garlic and all spice are added to what is known as the Jerk Sauce and the chicken daubed in the mixed while being grilled. This meal is a good source of Vitamin B and provides Phosphorous, Iron and Copper and to a smaller extent Calcium.

Jamaican Jerk Pork Recipe: This is prepared in a similar manner to the chicken however the pork must be smoked and cured, in addition a Jamaican meat tenderizer must be added to the Jamaican pork to soften it. Most of the sauces added along with the Jamaican Jerk Sauce is also added however the trick about this is that it takes probably one hour to jerk while the chicken takes almost 30 minutes. This meal provides both Vitamins A and B compounds with phosphorous. This is a great source of the A & B vitamin but is jam packed with calories.

Jamaican Ackee & Salt fish Recipe: This favorite meal is the national dish of Jamaica and is possibly the most famous global Jamaican recipe there is. The ackee fruit is plucked and the flesh boiled and then cooked down. Jamaican Spices and herbs are added with black peppers and the boiled de-boned salt fish is mixed with the ackee fruit while simmering down. This is a hearty meal served with Jamaican breadfruit and or Jamaican bananas. The Jamaican ackee fruit contains Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folacin and vitamin C, while the salt fish is a strong source of Vitamins A, B & C, calcium, protein and iron all being present.

Jamaican Escoveitched Fish Recipe: This is actually Jamaican style fried fish. Though there are at least four different methods to frying the fish in almost the four corners of Jamaica, Negril, Port Antonio, Rocky Point and Montego Bay, there are distinct spices and herbs used. The Jamaican fish is sliced seasoned with these spices and then placed in a frying pan with already hot oil and fried to the crisp. Jamaican onions and peppers are added when served with fried festivals. The Jamaican fish is rich in Vitamins A & B, calcium, protein and iron. The Jamaican onions are wrought with iron as well. The number one thing about this Jamaican meal is that it contains a small amount of calories.

Jamaican Stewed Peas with Beef & Pigs tail Recipe: This is a popular Thursday night Jamaican recipe. This is Jamaican red kidney peas stewed with diced beef and pork (pig’s tail). This tasty delight is best served with boiled dumplings and boiled white rice. The meal is also jam packed with Vitamins. The peas carry Vitamins A & B, the Jamaican beef has Vitamins A, B & C and the pork or pig’s tail carries Vitamins A, B & D. Iron, copper and calcium are all found in abundance in the mean as well. Jamaican okras usually added to thicken the stew carry Vitamins A & B also in abundance. However this meal is also a high calorie meal, packing a combined 470 calories alone without the side dishes.

Jamaican Oxtail Recipe: This sweet recipe is termed as a signature Jamaican recipe. The oxtail or cow’s tail is diced tenderized and well seasoned with our favorite Jamaican herbs and spices and then placed in a pressure cooker. Then regular broad beans are added with onions and sliced scotch bonnet peppers for flavor. The two major ingredients are the Jamaican oxtail which is rich in Vitamin A, B & D and strong in iron and copper with a low amount of calcium. The Jamaican broad beans are rich in calcium and as dried beans are also rich in Vitamins A & B. This Jamaican recipe is also heavily loaded in calories.

Jamaican Curried Mutton Recipe: The curried mutton recipe can be prepared Coolie Town Style or the Kingston Style. The Jamaican recipe involves dicing mutton and adding Jamaican spices to it along with a meat tenderizer. The Jamaican recipe is served with diced Jamaican potatoes and Jamaican green peppers for decorations. The Jamaican mutton contains a small amount of calcium with iron and copper. The meal is also packed with Vitamins A, B & C.

So let’s review:

ü        All Jamaica recipes are filled with specific Vitamins that assist with any ailment that one might suffer from.

ü        Any good nutritionist will tell you that though all recipes Jamaican or otherwise have vitamins it must be noted that one must look out for calories that go with these meals.

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