About Jamaican herbs and spices such as the Jamaican pimento.
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Jamaican Articles - About Jamaican Spices and Recipe

Information about Jamaican recipes and spices

Hot, Hotter and Hottest, thatís the stigma thatís attached to Jamaican spices or Jamaican seasonings. This is a common misconception by most cooks and chefs about all Caribbean spices, especially Jamaican spices. Jamaican spices used in Jamaican recipes range between spicy and mild. But what most cooks and chefs donít know is that spices or Jamaican seasonings can be used in a range of Jamaican recipes and preparations. Jamaican Spices are used in Jamaican meals recipe, Jamaican beverage recipes, Jamaican sauce recipe, Jamaican salad recipes and Jamaican chutney recipes

 Jamaican Spices used in meals.

When preparing Jamaican recipes for meals which include all appetizer recipes, main course recipes (including breakfast, lunch or brunch, dinners) and dessert recipes there are standard Jamaican spices or Jamaican seasonings that are used. These include onion powder, black peppers, pimento dust, escallion, sweet peppers, green peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, crushed garlic, thyme, paprika, parsley, cinnamon, nutmeg (grated), mace, cloves, ground ginger and crushed red peppers. These Jamaican seasonings spice up the meals, and especially when combined give the meal that unique Jamaican taste. What really gives the great Jamaican taste is the combination of Jamaican seasonings. Great chefs use just the right blends in certain recipes. One great example is the Jamaican pork recipes. There are almost thirty (30) variations of Jamaican pork recipes and almost every recipe uses, crushed Jamaican gingers, crushed Jamaican garlic, Jamaican thyme, Jamaican cinnamon and crushed Jamaican red peppers. These are known as silent spices, which are tasted in Jamaican recipes but not seen. Good cooks or chefs ensure that the Jamaican seasonings are cooked down or fried with batter to ensure Jamaican seasonings such as large onion rings or pimento seeds are not left or served with the meals.

Jamaican beverage and sauce recipes

Though some Jamaican beverage recipes such the famed Brown Cow or the Irish Moss recipes do actually use Jamaican seasonings such as nutmeg, most Jamaican beverage recipes use flavorings to create an added taste to the beverage. However there are some recipes that use vanilla, orange rind, lemon juice and even boiled ginger. There are other recipes that that use bottled flavorings such as coconut rum or Tia Maria sherry.

One of the most popular Jamaican beverage recipes is Shandy which uses Red Stripe Beer as a flavoring to root ginger ale or lemonade. Other recipes use crushed fruits and vegetables to create a new taste such as a Jamaican banana daiquiri recipe. Recipe-Jamaica.Com encourages cooks chefs and bartenders to create new tastes and flavorings using these techniques. One can create any beverage recipe using any fruit to give it an apple, banana, orange, tangerine or June plum taste. Jamaican sauce recipes also uses flavorings such as Jamaican white rum or cane juice to flavor, dips and sauces. Even onions, garlic and cinnamon are popular choices for flavoring Jamaican sauce recipes. The most important thing about the Jamaicanseasonings and flavorings in these recipes is that they are not hidden they are made visible and are some times even eaten. The cherry on the side of a Jamaican pina colada is a taste addition to a well made Jamaican drink recipe.

Jamaican salad and chutney recipes.

Jamaican salads and chutney recipes unlike Jamaican meal, beverage and sauce recipes donít use a mixture or blend of Jamaican spices but predominantly one taste or flavor is used. Salads use parsley, green and sweet peppers while chutneys are mainly one flavor, such as mango chutney, orange chutney or even apple chutney. The most important thing about Jamaican Island spices is choose wisely. If you are preparing a meal, beverage or side dish for yourself and your family use the Jamaican seasonings, spices and flavorings that everyone likes and donít mix the spices that are hot. Use mild spices along with a small amount of peppery spices.

Thatís the best way to ensure that everyone enjoys the meal despite what Jamaican spices that are being used in the preparation. There is another trick used by master Jamaican chefs and cooks who prepare meals for more that one guest at a large serving is to use mixed Jamaican sauces. That means that you can prepare the meal and have the sauces available for your guests to use at any point in time during the meal. This means that Jamaican sauces actually are the best way to deliver Jamaican spices unless you are preparing a Jamaican recipe for yourself or specific to someoneís taste. You can get a vast amount of bottled spices or make them in house.

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