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Jamaica Festivals

Presently, there seems to be a number of festivals taking place in Jamaica every year. In the event that you are fascinated by any of these events, then you should find out the times before booking your Jamaica vacations. Some of the Jamaica festivals are very popular and every year thousands of tourists take their trips to watch the performances of their favorite local and international artists, as well as to enjoy some of the spicy Jamaican cuisines and adventures in the major resort towns.

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in the month of January each year in Rose Hall Montego Bay, but this location was changed for 2010 to the Greenfield Stadium in Falmouth Trelawny. Most of you might remember it as the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, since the airline was the main sponsor for this exciting musical event which features some of the top acts from Jamaica and the rest of the world. This event predominantly features the jazz and R&B music, but reggae is also showcased along with various other kinds of music.

Then, there is also an annual jazz festival which is held in the resort town of Ocho Rios. If you are planning your vacation to Jamaica in June, this will give you a chance to check out this event which is also celebrating 17 years of continuous artistic achievements this year. You can watch some of the best musical talents that you will find in Jamaica, plus some of the most prominent names in the international jazz scene. This is one of the popular festivals in Jamaica and is loved by tourists and locals alike.

Next, there is the Accompong Maroon festival which will give you a different side of the Jamaican culture. This extraordinary festival is actually celebrated in the month of January by the maroons who are the offspring of some of the Jamaican slaves who used to labor on the sugar plantations. A section of this event involves the roasting of the black male pigs, which would be eaten by the entire community and also the visitors who are taking part in the festivities. This is a tradition which is maintained, as it is said that eating the juicy pork would bring good luck.

Finally, if you are a lover of the pork and want to indulge in more, there is also the Portland Jerk Festival which is also a favorite with both locals and visitors alike. This festival is usually held in the first part of the year and features the popular cooking style in practically any way that you want. There are usually a wide variety of food stands with jerk pork, jerk chicken, jerk fish, jerk goat meat
and more. Many lovers of the sizzling jerk will travel from far to sample the various displays and also to enjoy the entertainment which is provided for everyone.

These are just some of the music and food festivals that you could attend on your next Jamaica vacation. You can find information on the internet, plus the Jamaica tourist board can provide the actual dates and times for all the Jamaica festivals which you might want to attend.

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