Funeral homes in Jamaica
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Funeral homes in Montego Bay

When a family member dies, you will need to contact relatives and friends right away in order to get assistance with the necessary arrangements. This is a long standing tradition in Jamaica and probably one of the times when people will gladly help in any way. The old people will be particularly valuable since they would be more familiar with dealing with these issues, as well as provide you with the names of relatives you might not know about. One thing is for sure, you will not have to worry about finding funeral homes in Montego Bay, as you will find two of the popular directors in Jamaica in this town.

Even though you might clearly desire to be on your own instead of speaking to anyone, agreeing to get the help from your loved ones would be the best decision. Despite the fact that you will find Delaphena’s and Maddens Funeral Homes in Montego Bay, it would be best to compare the different packages and select the one suitable for your budget. You will find additional directors in this town and with the number of funerals that they have to deal with each month, it might be possible for you to find a great deal.

However, the directors will not make the arrangements for the grave digging and building, church service and wake, so you have to get help from family and friends. Keep in mind that if you are careful, you will find yourself spending a lot of money for food and refreshment to feed the many people who will come to offer condolences. So, if you know that you are on a tight budget, only provide food on the day of the funeral as people normally look for the curry goat, fry chicken, rice and peas, soup and other delicious Jamaican dishes.

A Jamaican wake or “dead yard” is held the night before the church service and relatives and friends will assemble at the house of the dead person to offer condolences. Some years ago, people would share stories, play games, listen to Mento music and feast on bread, fish and coffee. But, this has changed somewhat these days and most people have parties with the reggae and dancehall music playing from the
loud speakers.

The same can be said for the day of the funeral, as it is quite noticeably that the funerals in Jamaica seem to be a place for entertainment and partying. It is now hard to differentiate a funeral for the young or the old people nowadays, as it is common to hear the reggae music at some funeral processions and cemeteries.

In conclusion, get assistance from your friends, relatives, funeral directors and select the package which would suit your budget. Remember that the eating and drinking at the Jamaican funerals is one tradition that is not fading anytime soon, so ensure that you have the food ready at the end of the church service and burial ceremony. Don’t be surprised to find people traveling as from as Kingston to attend the funeral in Montego Bay, even when they are not related to the person who died..

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